Nutrition Consult - Good nutrition is the
key to a healthy life. Spend an hour with a
NUBODI Nutrition Consultant to learn how
to incorporate healthy habits and what
nutrition works best for you.

One hour session
Health and Wellness Services
Herbal Remedies- A master herbalist
combines fresh organic herbs to create
products that heal on all levels. A consultation
is recommended to assess the needs and is
included in the price.  

Herbal Remedies plus
consultation $145.00
BodiWork Therapies- NUBODI provides a
variety of hands on healing energy work. Being
open to the energy and allowing it to flow with no
expectations, will make the session that much more

Prices vary based on the type
of BodiWork requested.
Essential Oils Consult- The essence of oils
have been used for thousands of years to heal
the mind, body and spirit. Through a
consultation, an essential blend can be
created to each individual's needs or singular
oils can be purchased.  

Essential Oil blend plus
consultation $145.00
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Disclaimer: All NUBODI clients understand that NUBODI provides alternative holistic health and wellness services
and products and NUBODI does not make claims to treat, diagnose, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease(s). All
clients in the holistic care of NUBODI agree to disclose medical history and information with the practitioners of
NUBODI and work in conjunction with their doctors to assure that all parties have their health in the best interest.
Policy and Disclaimer for more information. If you are in a emergency medical situation of please contact 911.
"I learned a lot of about holistic nutrition that I
didn't know before. Holistic nutrition changed
how I view and purchase groceries." - Jean D.,
Hollywood, MD