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NUBODI has a license ordained minister and certified advisor who offers spiritual guidance in a confidant session.
NUBODI's spiritual guidance sessions are not licensed therapist session, do not prescribe, do not diagnose or
treat patients but provide space for personal growth through spirit lead reflection. If you are in need of a
therapist, a resource list can be provide to you.
NOTE: Most sessions are through Skype or ZOOM unless otherwise arranged. Oracle readings can be viewed
through email, also unless otherwise arranged.
Spiritual Guidance- Spiritual guidance through
NUBODI can provide a client with the
understanding in
love/romance, career/finance, or
/wellness or life purpose from a holistic
perspective. This is a one-to-one session with the
advisor is intuitively guided and allows space honest
reflection. There is no set program for this informal

Full Session
60 minutes
A Mini Spiritual Guidance Session- There are
many ways to receive guidance.  A shorter version of
the full session, clients are guided to reflect on an
area of their life for a deeper understanding.

Mini Session
30 minutes
Oracle Reading- During an oracle reading, clients
can ask a question on any topic such as
love/romance, career/finance, or health/wellness or
life purpose. A general reading can be given through
three cards without a question being asked but guided
by Spirit. Once the cards are pulled from an oracle
deck or a question asked, a breakdown is offered
from a holistic perspective. 30 minute session

Mini Session
30 minute  
" The best advice I received from my spiritual coach
was to not  forget to unplug after work and just be
myself. To just be. Sounds simple but it was so
profound to me. " Kaitie B.- Philadelphia
The areas of spiritual guidance that we provide are:

  • Life Purpose & Life
  • Spiritual Growth & Development
  • Career Path & Exploration
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Management
  • Relationship Development