Mini Spiritual Direction - Spiritual guidance
through NUBODI equips individuals with a
roadmap that looks into the spiritual aspects of
the inner self to arouse the senses of life.

A mini reading:
30 minutes $50.00
Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual Guidance- Spend a longer time for a
more in-depth reading. Get the answers your
Spirit longs to give.

A full reading:
60 minutes $125.00
Life Purpose Coaching- What are you here
on Earth to do? Life Purpose Coaching is for
individuals looking to explore what they are
passionate about and work with the coach to
start pursuing that passion.

Coaching session
Holistic Life Coaching- Unlike Life Purpose
Coaching, Life Coaching focuses on assisting
individuals with organizing their lives to live a
more fulfilling life.

Coaching session
Oracle Reading- The client can ask a question
on any topic and a reading is given. Three cards
are pulled from an oracle deck and a full
analysis of the cards are discussed. Or a general
reading can be given through three cards without
a question being asked but guided by Spirit.

Mini Session
30 minutes $50.00
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Disclaimer: NUBODI provides alternative healing sessions and are not substitutes for modern medical
procedures. NUBODI practitioners do not prescribe medication, do not diagnose or treat people as patients. See
Policy and Disclaimer for more information. If you are in a emergency medical situation of please contact 911.